Couple Rings For Parents

Couple rings are a special symbol of love and connection. They can symbolize a promise of abstinence until marriage or a commitment in an exclusive romantic relationship.

Some couples choose to buy matching promise rings or stackable bands with engraved messages, patterns and designs. Others may choose to create a custom ring.

Diamond Rings

Couple rings are a beautiful symbol of the love you share. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or simply want to show your devotion to someone special, a couples ring is a wonderful way to express your love.

A promise ring can symbolize many things: a commitment to friendship, abstinence until marriage or an exclusive romantic relationship. Some couples exchange these rings to bridge the gap between dating and engagement.

If you are giving your partner a promise ring, be sure to explain your intents clearly. Otherwise, he or she may assume that the ring signifies a future engagement promise.

For a dazzling, meaningful gift, consider a diamond Claddagh ring. This Irish ring features heart, crown and hands symbolizing friendship, love and loyalty. It is an unforgettable and thoughtful gesture that your loved one will cherish forever. Choose from a variety of beautiful stackable rings like this.25ct Stacking Boho Diamond Claddagh Ring Set or gold stackable rings that are perfect for mixing and matching.

Gemstone Rings

Add a pop of color to your jewelry collection with a gemstone ring. These fashion accessories are the perfect way to show your mom or wife that you are always thinking about them. Whether you choose an engagement ring or a right hand band, these pieces of jewelry are a great way to showcase your love and devotion.

Gemstone rings can carry many different symbolism depending on the type of gem and ring design you pick out. For example, some gemstone rings may use only a single birthstone to represent a specific child or relationship. Others can incorporate the birthstones of multiple children or even grandchildren in a unique family cluster style.

Some mother’s rings also feature the option to add birth stones of other people who are close to the family, such as best friends or siblings. It is common to see rings that seat the birth stones of up to 12 people on the market.

Guitar String Rings

A genuine guitar string is skillfully threaded into this ring’s wood inlay, adding a distinctive touch to the design. This ring is the perfect choice for musicians, whiskey enthusiasts, and anyone who loves to express their passion for creativity. The wood inlay is crafted from a whiskey barrel, which gives the ring a sense of history and tradition. The ring also features Purple Heart wood, a stunning hardwood known for its rich, deep color.

The ring is made by artisans who are part of the Fair Trade Certified program, which ensures that they’re working in safe conditions and supporting their communities. In addition, the ring uses recycled guitar strings from Thistle Farms.

Made from tungsten, which is renowned for its strength and durability, this wedding band set is the perfect choice for couples who want to celebrate their unique relationship. The tungsten is complemented by Hawaiian Koa wood and abalone, which add a touch of beauty to this unique piece.

Intertwined Rings

This hand stamped set of intertwined rings is the perfect way to showcase your family and your bond. Design it with the names of your children, spouse and/or important dates or special words that speak to your heart.

Rings are more than just jewelry, they’re symbols of commitment and symbolism. They can represent a promise to stay true, an important date, a meaningful word or even your loved one’s birthstone.

This ring is made of three individual rings that are entwined and can be custom-stamped with up to 12 characters/spaces. It is available in a lightly hammered finish or a smooth finish. Please note that these rings ‘roll’ around the finger so they fit differently than classic, thin stacking rings. Because of this, we recommend sizing up a little from your normal US fashion ring size (not bridal). This ring is also made in sterling silver. If you prefer a different finish, let us know in the notes at checkout.

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